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February 22, 2016
February 22, 2016
Based on some bathroom studies, the average amount of time people spend in the bathroom every day is about 30 minutes. But one in four of us spend more than an hour. Some people like to meditate inside the shower. Some reads while taking a bath. And if you are a woman you are very likely to be spending well over an hour in the bathroom.

In other words, that’s really a significant amount of time in our busy everyday life.

To us, it means this holy secret place of yours better look good.

Over the years, we have designed more than 80 different bathrooms (and counting…) for different clients. Minimal and Contemporary. French. English. Rustic. Industrial. Scandinavian. Geometric. Eclectic. You name it. To start off this year of the Monkey, let us look back at some of our own favorite bathroom designs, since 2009.
Project Cheri: Master Bathroom
Project Bridget: Guest Bathroom
Project Bridget: Master Bathroom
Project Celine: Master Bathroom
Project Evelyn: Guest Bathroom
Project Evelyn: Master Bathroom
Project Gloria: Guest Bathroom
Project Jodi: Guest Bathroom
Project Jodi: Master Bathroom
Project Minni: Guest Bathroom
Project Minni: Guest Bathroom
Project Minni: Master Bathroom
Project Nellie: Master Bathroom
Project Nita: Master Bathroom
Project Nita: Master Bathroom
Project Olivia: Master Bathroom
Project Robyn: Master Bathroom


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