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September 25, 2017
September 25, 2017
We were very honored to be invited by Italian Trade Agency (ITA) to join their annual Italian Design Grand Tour in September. It was a great opportunity to explore different brands and manufacturers in the Italian furniture industry, to understand their top-of-the-line craftsmanship and experience the local culture first hand.

During the week-long tour, we traveled all across Italy, from Milan to Verona and Ravenna, all the way down to Florence and Rome, to visit different showrooms and company owners in person. It was a very meaningful and interesting journey, and we are very thankful for the Italian government's seamless arrangement and world-class generosity.

Let's go down the memory lane and revisit what we saw during our special expedition.
Off to Milan!
Feeling Gothic: Duomo
Taking a walk along Lake Como.
1st Stop: Visionnaire
Extravagant furniture, probably for Dubai and China?
Care for a 120,000 euros kitchen cabinet?
2nd Stop: Molteni & C | Dada
One of the best contemporary Italian furniture brands.
Milano Chair, designed by Aldo Rossi in 1987, at Molteni's headquarters.
80 Years of Excellence
3rd Stop: CITCO
The Great Marble Artisan
How about an all marble dining set?
Or all marble cabinet?
They can do ANYTHING with marble.
Zaha Hadid's Signature Collection
Zaha Hadid's autographed piece!
Meet the BOSS.


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